Matcha might still be a well-hidden secret and relatively new to the mainstream market, however is the faster growing green tea in powder. It can be used also as an additive turn the juices or smoothies to the ultimate healthy and DETOX drink in the world!

It is mainly served as a tasty Latte or a healthy nutritional Juice.

Matcha has been around for 900 years and is traditionally consumed as part of the Chinese & Japanese tea ceremony.

After the Buddhist monks, who studied in China and India, brought Buddhist and Tea culture to Japan – Buddhist monks have been reaping the benefits of matcha since long before tea-toxes or even tea bags were a thing.

According to Buddhist monks Green tea is a precious medicine for health and long life. That makes matcha globally a well-known SUPER precious medicine for health and long life.



What is Matcha?

Matcha powder is just 100% pure green tea leaves (techna quality) stone ground into a fine powder, without any processing.

Matcha Ninja in comparison with other matcha green tea plants are shade-grown for three weeks before harvest, and our stems and veins are removed in processing. These processes increase the chlorophyll and antioxidant content of the leaf and also remove bitterness in order to make the best tasting matcha without having to add anything.

Matcha ninja has been awarded for the premium quality, less bitter taste and easiest soluble Matcha in the world. Matcha Ninja is Triple Certified Organic (US, Canadian, and the most strenuous- EU) by the two biggest Organic certifiers in the world: EcoCert, and CERES. The reason you want to make sure your matcha is organic is that in the tea industry many top conventional tea makers don't wash the tea leaves before they are bagged. This means that while your tea is steeping, hundreds of pesticides can potentially be released into your cup.



Why Matcha Ninja tea Vs a Regular green tea?

Matcha has 10 times the nutritional value of a regular green tea and up to 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea!

One glass of Matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content.

With Matcha, you consume the whole tea leaf not just the brewed water as the regular green tea.

Matcha tea bushes are grown especially under cover which increases the chlorophyll and amino acid levels in the leaves even further.


The potential health benefits of green tea are well known:

Matcha Ninja benefits


Antioxidant Powerhouse

These help boost the immune system, prevent aging, chronic diseases and fight cancer-causing free radicals in the body.
According to the latest testing method, ORAC units per gram


1g of Matcha Ninja = 500g raw spinach
130 times more calcium than normal green tea and
172 times the amount of protein Vs regular tea

Matcha Support Burn Calories

A study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consuming matcha green tea can increase thermogenesis (the body’s own rate of burning calories) from a normal 8%-10% of daily energy expenditure, to between 35% and 43% of daily energy expenditure.
Matcha is a nearly calorie free and without putting any stress on the body, it could be a useful addition to a weight loss program by tackling the problem from both sides. It boosts metabolism and burns calories without any side effects.


Tea is the only plant that makes this amino acid, which is what actually promotes a state of relaxation and makes you alert without giving you the jitters of coffee. It stimulates the brain waves while relaxing the mind & provides increased levels of clarity - this is why Buddhist monks use matcha for meditation.
As an additional benefit, L-Theanine may help memory and learning and ability.


Green tea does contain caffeine. However, 1 gram of matcha contains about 25-30mg of caffeine whereas regular coffee has up to 80-100mg.
Further, the caffeine in green tea combines with L-Theanine to create a focusing and calming effect on the body rather than the nervousness of too much coffee! It creates the same energizing effect of coffee without the anxiety and shakes coffee can cause.
Another recent study found that matcha even improved physical endurance by 24%.

Detox & Vitamins:

Chlorophyll the keyelement of green tea is a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body. Since Matcha is carefully shade-grown, it is substantially richer in chlorophyll than other green teas, making it a superior daily detox. Further boost the immune system, help you detox and maintain general wellbeing.
Matcha has higher levels of oil soluble constituents (e.g. Vitamins A, E and beta carotene) that are otherwise extracted into water when brewed as regular green tea.




Matcha is a concentrated powder so you only need 1/2 teaspoon (1g) per serve. It is good on-the-go, no equipment or pre-preparation required.

Step 1: Add up to ½ tsp Matcha Ninja in ½ tea cup with hot or cold water.
Step 2: Stir until the powder is well blended (use spoon – aerolate – whisk)
Step 3: Add extra hot or cold water and enjoy your Matcha Ninja straight.
Step 4: Add ½ tsp Matcha Ninja to your favourite healthy recipes and ΜΙΧ ΙΤ in your flavoured smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, skincare.

Matcha Ninja doesn’t change or overlaps the taste of other ingredients!

The main characteristic is the flexibility of adding Matcha Ninja powder everywhere!
Mix it is easy and versatile. No whisk or how-to videos required. There is not any special requirements for its maintenance.

Matcha ninja matches gently with all fruits and vegetables!

You may find our Recipes page for Fast & Tasteful ideas!

Try to start with Juices & Green Smoothies!




Ceremonial grade matcha is the champagne of matcha. Matcha Ninja is only ever 100% ceremonial grade Matcha.

Check out the colour – a brighter green is a good sign. Matcha also oxidizes so it is important to keep air away from your powder. We are not keen on popular tins which have a lot air in them. We flat pack and ziplock seal our matcha in pouches as soon as it's ground to ensure freshness. We recommend keeping your matcha in the original Matcha Ninja packaging and in the fridge once opened.

Taste – we use baby tencha leafs from the top of the tea plant which are sweeter and more nutritionally dense. A more bitter matcha may indicate a bigger lesser quality leaf was used and the leaf was not de-stemed.

The main goal of Matcha Ninja is to offer the best quality of matcha in the world. We settled on special organic farms in Zhejiang, the largest green tea producing region in China and home to the infamous Dragonwell tea. The region has a humid subtropical climate with distinct seasons and a seasonal precipitation pattern, which is perfect for growing the tencha leaves used in exclusive quality of Matcha.